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iPad id.concerto


Assembler un ODJ
Prepare and modify meeting agendas, minutes, or other documents.
Joindre document
Attach or annex documents.
Annotate or comment on documents.
Edit and produce minutes immediately.
Profil utilisateur
Manage user profiles easily.
Recherche avancée
Advanced search feature in your documentation.
Meeting schedules.
Single login to manage numerous committees.
Signature de document
Document signatures.



  • An English tool developed by seasoned professionals.
  • Personalized support and training based on your needs.
  • Unparalleled customer support.
  • The most user-friendly solution on the market.


Increase the productivity of your business.
Improve communication between teams.
Simplify the decision-making process.
Ensure the security of your data.

Increased productivity and significant savings.

On average, our clients benefit from a one-year return on investment.
Temps de préparation
Reduces meeting preparation time by approximately five hours.
The Collège des administrateurs estimates that they saved 100,000 sheets of paper in the first year.

Volet sécuritéSECURITY

  • Enhance your security with watermarks.
  • Data hosted in Canada.
  • Access privileges according to each user profile.
  • Private personal notes.
  • Preprogrammed disconnection from the platform.
  • Relief mechanism to ensure continued sessions if Internet connectivity is lost (Nomade and iPad application).

Features of id.concerto

id.concerto is a user-friendly and structured solution that contains all the documents necessary to prepare committee meetings in your organization. id.concerto allows you to make agendas accessible to all, anywhere and at all times, and to annotate all documents.

  • Benefit from a team available 24/7 to support you or provide help during emergency situations.
  • Enjoy annual upgrades to integrate new features.
  • Train managers so they can use the platform completely independently.
  • Manage last-minute changes that will no longer be an issue for your managers.
  • Monitor logged operations by users. Track who consulted, annotated, deleted, or uploaded/downloaded documents.

Advantages of id.concerto

  • Manage last-minute changes by automatically digitizing agenda items.
  • Access all meeting elements in a single location.
  • Access agendas, minutes, resolution extracts, files, and documents.
  • Log on via computer, laptop, or tablet using an Internet browser.
  • Work offline on your computer, laptop, or tablet.
  • Download the iPad application and explore how easily directors can navigate the platform.
  • Annotate documents directly in id.concerto and share your comments and notes as needed.
  • Manage attendance.
  • Use the digital signature feature (ODJ, PV, and ER).
  • Manage communications and meeting notifications through the messenger feature.
  • Enjoy the advanced search feature to explore documentation.
  • Create public or private libraries for each committee.

Create documents in id.concerto

Carry out Workflow projects.

  • Process and send proposed agenda items for future meetings to committee managers.
  • Send and receive proposals along with documentation.
  • Approve items sent from management, directors, and committee members.
  • Track previous document versions.
  • View and monitor proposals in the Dashboard.


  • Agenda template.
  • Executive summary templates adapted to the specifics of your organization.
  • Recurring items.
  • Dynamic assembly of topics with automatic numbering.
  • Restricted access management.
  • Agenda session duplication, with and without documents.
  • Agenda item duplication in case of adjournment or transfer to another committee.
  • Possibility of inputting a digital watermark, assigning a person in charge, a predefined objective, and allotted time for each item.
  • Collaborative chat.


  • Generate automated and almost finalized minutes through the agenda feature at the end of a session.
  • Consult minutes when you want.
  • Convert into Word or PDF format and save to your network or website.


  • Predefined template for management.
  • Quick print.
  • Search feature with many fields for managers.
  • Consult resolution extracts when you want.
  • Convert into Word or PDF format and save to your network or website.
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Idside has been a proud partner of the Collège des administrateurs de société (CAS) for a few years. The CAS is the leader in training directors on governance and offers high-quality university certification.

Flèches Idside

The use of tablets has become a must for directors. On top of offering a paperless feature to participants registered for the governance university certification program, Idside - Web Governance has served as a work environment for the directors of our own board of directors for a few years.

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Collège des administrateurs de sociétés

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